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RG500 / RG400 High Performance Radiator

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RG500 / RG400 Ride Height Adjuster

Email: mark@suzuki-rg500.com

2 Stroke exhaust cans available from M Factory West.

These are the cans I use on all my project bikes, 1st class build quality and an awesome sound, coupled with a realistic price tag.
Three different lengths available, 150mm, 250mm and 350mm
Three colours available.
Contact Mike Studzinski - tzmike@mfactorywest.com

Price $99.00US Each


A long time ago Suzuki built a very special motor bike, and it is for that reason that this site has been created to endeavour to persue the legend that is the RG500 GAMMA.
Extract from Motorcycle News
Two weeks aboard a tuned Suzuki RG500 and I'm a sobbing, jibbering wreck; afraid to go out at night when a full moon lights soaking tarmac, and for fear of crazed blue lights flashing in the mirrors.
If you like being scared forget video nasties, take a trip on a tuned road-going RG, which even makes a GSX-R1100 feel slow.
Coping with such an overdose of 2-stroke power a'int to easy. On the road the RG needs to be treated with real reverence. But 2-stroke devils will find it hard to resist grabbing great fistfuls of throttle.
I found it nearly impossible to hang on to full throttle for more than a few seconds - life just begins to move too fast.
And the effects of unleashing all that 2-stroke power can be pretty dramatic - wheelies in the first three gears and wheelspin at 95mph on a wet road are all part of living with a tuned RG.
It's not a life for the faint hearted!

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Assorted Dyno Graphs.

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Below 7000 rpm the motor is remarkably doctile, in fact you'd never believe that it had been tuned - until the revs hit that magic seven grand.
Then the motor begins to come alive, but it's not till the tacho needle passes 9000rpm that the monster really awakens.
It's as if you have been magically transferred from the road to the race track. Things happen too quickly for this to be a mere roadster.
Power just keeps on coming till around 11,000rpm.

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Of coarse, taking the revs that high is never necessary, but it's absolutely irresistible, and life just blurs into bursts of manic acceleration.
The tuned RG is breathtaking on back roads where the bike squirms under power and picks up the front end exiting slow corners.
If you yearn for that kind of nerve shredding power then you'll get a good fix from a tuned RG, But if you're not a hero, steer clear!

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